Strategy, Policy, Process

The business case

Too many organisations are neglecting mental health and wellbeing from the top down and are unaware of the hidden costs. How much is this costing you?
  • 50% employers don’t have a wellbeing strategy and only 1 in 10 have a defined mental health strategy
  • Addressing wellbeing at work increases productivity by as much as 12%
  • 3 in 4 employers are concerned about the impact of high pressure working environments on wellbeing
  • Mental health problems cost to up to £1,560 per UK employee (whether ill or well) that’s a £42b cost to UK businesses each year
Your organisation will benefit from the review and implementation of best practice policy and processes designed with people in mind, embedding employee wellbeing throughout.

We can help you work this out, save money and improve staff wellbeing. This moves away from wellbeing being a low priority “nice to have” and puts it at the heart of everything you do ensuring everyone is responsible.

What we do

We help you with at all stages of the planning, organisation, presentation and facilitation:
  • Board Briefings & Conferences – to gain senior level buy in to invest in wellbeing
  • Wellbeing Strategy Implementation – using best practice UK and global frameworks
  • Policy Reviews – build upon and update existing policies
  • KPI Reporting – leveraging data analytics and employee engagement
  • Process Improvement – ensuring wellbeing is on every relevant agenda and process

Board Briefings & Conferences

Board briefings and conferences helps to overcome one of the hardest steps in gaining commitment from the top and the wider workforce. Our board briefings gain results every time making your job easier, whether at your board meeting or staff conference.

We present the business case for mental health and wellbeing, guidance on where to start, real best practice examples, mistakes to look out for and an overview of different services available in the market.