Online Training & Support

The business case

In an uncertain and everchanging world where more and more employees are homeworking, lone-working and isolated, online support and strategic wellbeing training has never been as important as it is today.
  • Remote working can create all kinds of barriers to relating with each other, from spotting the signs of distress, to having a wellbeing conversation, unless new ways of working are embedded immediately to support staff
  • Leaveism is the inability to switch off, working longer hours and using annual leave time to work. Since 2017 leaveism has been on the rise with most employees feeling that they must work outside of their normal hours
  • Loneliness elevates stress hormones, leading to burnout, exhaustion and mental health problems
  • Self-isolation significantly increases the risk of loneliness and studies have found that loneliness is associated with suicidal ideation and attempts
  • Boundaries become blurred between personal and working life leading to an “always on” culture, impacting physical and mental health
  • Switching off 28% of people said they found it difficult to switch off mentally from their jobs because of increased connectivity (and this was before most staff were homeworking)
  • Always online 26% said the expectation to be “always on” interfered with their personal life (and this was before most staff were homeworking)
We provide employees with the tools to:
  • Be close whilst isolated
  • Be boundaried with home and work time
  • Support themselves and each other in new ways
  • Thrive during uncertain times
We ensure organisations can support their employees by:
  • Providing management with confidence to support teams remotely
  • Ensuring individuals can support themselves and their peers remotely
  • Aligning your processes to support homeworking.
From boardroom to front room
We deliver online interactive live webinars to large numbers of staff across the following areas:
Managing stress and mental health webinar – for managers
  • Enabling managers to develop a proactive approach to managing stress, mental health and wellbeing within their teams whilst working from home. Covering awareness, recognising if my team are struggling, connection, intervention, remote communication and support.
Managing stress and mental health webinar – for staff
  • Enabling employees to develop a proactive approach to managing their own wellbeing whilst working from home. Covering awareness of personal signs, work-life balance, boundaries, peer-to-peer communication, talking to each other remotely, wellbeing, resilience and support.
Power hour online sessions – keeping wellbeing on the agenda
  • These “power hour” sessions can be run individually or as modules, with 60 minute sessions covering; Awareness, Positive mental wellbeing, Managing remote conversations, The power of support, Stress and resilience and Emotional intelligence
We provide one-to-one online and telephone counselling and psychotherapy support using accredited and experienced UKCP/BACP therapists covering a range of issues, this ensures:
  • The organisation has a referral pathway to support individuals who may be struggling or feel particularly vulnerable during this time
  • Staff are empowered with the tools and different options to self-manage wellbeing and build resilience across a range of areas
  • Employees have a safe confidential space to talk to an experienced therapist